Episode 49

Owning a practice versus working for a group practice

by Business of Aesthetics | September 9, 2021

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Are we all called to own a practice & is it the only way to find fulfillment in our careers? Couldn’t one have a better destiny & make a significant contribution to the world by being a good steward? So, in this episode, we’ll find out which is best for you: practice ownership or employment.

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Dr. Vikram Khanna, also known as Dr. Vic, is a Board-certified dermatologist & has been in the field for more than two decades. He finished his training in 1999 at the University Hospitals of Cleveland (Case Western University). 
He worked in a specialty group for 15 years until he found Dermatology Specialists of Illinois in 2015.

Key highlights

  • 01:22 What inspired Dr. Vic to pursue a career in medicine?
  • 05:34 What changes have occurred in dermatology over the last 25 years?
  • 08:26 Dr. Vikram’s path to owning a practice
  • 20:05 Advice for young practitioners on devices and technology
    • How to deal with complications and not walk away from the patient
  • 27:45 How to Balance Your Time Between Your Family and Your Business

Connect with Dr. Vikram “Vic” Khanna

Website: www.dermspecilaistsil.com


Naren Arulrajah

Host Naren Arulrajah

Naren Arulrajah is the founder and CEO of Ekwa Marketing, which brings together global experts in digital marketing to an online presence of approximately 200 practices across the globe–from start-ups to growing businesses, including those going through mergers and acquisitions. He was honored by AceTech Ontario in 2014 with their Leadership Initiative Award.

Giving back to the medical community has been a vital component in Naren’s career, and he believes deeply in fostering a philanthropic environment.

Naren is also known for his services as a speaker, consultant, author, and inspirational innovator.

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