Physicians need to focus on what they do best-practice medicine, providing the most up-to-date and best services they can offer to their patients.

Word of mouth information culled from colleagues is essential. Still, it is also necessary to have an expert on YOUR team, looking exclusively at YOUR practice and goals, to help make long-term equipment decisions.

Physicians want to receive accurate information that is concisely delivered and academically sound. Because we understand the importance of top-quality information, we pride ourselves on providing it.

Buying Smart / Buying Safe: presented by Jeff Richmond

We attend the AAD, ASLMS, ASPS, ASAPS, and ASDS
benefit from the BOA Buying Service
If you answered 'YES' to any of the following questions, you would benefit from the BOA Buying Service.
  1. Do you want to know if you’re buying the right technology at the right time?
  2. Is getting the best price important to you?
  3. Are you interested in making sure you’re set up for success?
  4. Do you prefer to have someone who has your best interests in mind during the buying process?
  5. Do you need help negotiating?
  6. Do you wish to have the right financing?


While service and product representatives are many, we need a reliable database to source quality resources at the best price.

Our practice owners need to source viable solutions, and the suppliers need to generate leads.

This is where we can help!


1. You complete the BOA Buying Service Request Form and pay the low fee of $299 (offer valid till end of 2021. Regular price $1399)
2. You have a conversation with a BOA buying specialist. Our team has experience helping clients purchase more than 60 million dollars worth of technology.
This conversation is focused on understanding your needs and helping you choose the right technology. We will discuss your best option and connect you with the right manufacturers!
Hotline (Toll-Free): (855) 466-4580
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