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Supporting Business of Aesthetics has been a smart pivot from the old ways (Pre Covid) of doing business spending tens of thousands of dollars at tradeshows and industry meetings!

Since trade shows have been put on hold, I've been searching for new ways to engage with my vendors and potential customers! Business of Aesthetics (BOA) gave me the opportunity to be heard by thousands of decision-makers in the aesthetics industry! Finally, my messages are being heard and we are influencing physicians and companies to make good decisions.

For years I have been trying to share with the industry how customers can be taken advantage of by finance companies that use misleading terms. For example, 7.9% APR, over a 5-year term, is the same as 3.9% Simple Interest. Now that I've partnered with Business of Aesthetics, and started sharing our message, several vendors have approached me about how they are no longer going to partner with finance companies that mislead practice owners! Any company that is doing good honest business and wants to build relationships with 20,000+ decision-makers in the aesthetic industry will benefit by working with Business of Aesthetics.

Review by Tony Tydlacka

Meet our Co-Founders

Business of Aesthetics Podcast Host Jeffrey Richmond

Jeffrey Richmond

Jeffrey Richmond is an award-winning expert in the aesthetic industry, specializing in cutting-edge research, light-based and laser dermatological therapies, and radiofrequency technologies for dermatology and cosmetic surgery practices. Over the past 19 years, Jeff has brought the best-in-class technologies from West Coast Laser to physicians throughout the northwestern United States, generating over $50 million in sales.

Patient and physician safety is at the forefront of Jeff's work, and he actively helps physicians work with patients to develop and achieve realistic expectations from their treatments.

Jeff is also a known educator in the industry, teaching courses on laser technologies, speaking at aesthetic training centers, and sharing his knowledge about the latest technologies with providers in the aesthetics field. In particular, he is interested in helping physicians make aesthetic medicine a success in their practices.
Business of Aesthetics Podcast Host Naren Arulrajah

Naren Arulrajah

Naren Arulrajah is the founder and CEO of Ekwa Marketing, which brings together global experts in digital marketing to an online presence of approximately 200 practices across the globe–from start-ups to growing businesses, including those going through mergers and acquisitions. He was honored by AceTech Ontario in 2014 with their Leadership Initiative Award.

Giving back to the medical community has been a vital component in Naren's career, and he believes deeply in fostering a philanthropic environment.

Naren is also known for his services as a speaker, consultant, author, and inspirational innovator.