New Patients are the lifeblood of any aesthetic practice!
You should have the correct Digital Marketing Support!

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing?

Everyone now has the chance to reach niche markets in ways that were probably impossible 30 or 40 years ago thanks to the internet. With the use of digital marketing, material may be tailored to a particular audience group. It differs significantly from traditional marketing, which uses billboards, TV advertisements, print ads, and so forth. Digital marketing has the unusual characteristic of bringing customers to your front door. It is a tool that makes it possible for both you and your customers to establish connections.

Aesthetic Clinics need a creative digital marketing plan that is tailored to set them apart from their rivals if they want to draw in more clients. Here, we'll give you two of the most effective strategies for your digital marketing strategy. This will guarantee that your aesthetic firm establishes a strong brand name and attracts more clients.

TIP #1
search engine optimization
Create a successful search engine optimization (SEO) plan to rank in Google.
TIP #2
Use social media
Use social media to get noticed by NEW clients.
TIP #3
Increase your google reviews
Increase your google reviews from your happy clients.
TIP #4
optimized user-friendly website
Have an optimized user-friendly website.

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We know being a practitioner can be daunting. Especially having to spend time on social media to ensure your practice is ranking could mean an extra hassle for you. We, Aestheticians are not experts in marketing. You shouldn't waste time trying to figure it out and possibly endanger your ability to provide care, look after patients, and manage our office.

It is advisable to hire a marketing firm such as Ekwa Marketing which you can rely on to handle all of your marketing requirements.

Ekwa Marketing has been a leader in local search engine optimization (SEO) for the healthcare industry for over a decade. They help doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and other healthcare providers dominate internet marketing, social media, mobile, and local search engine results to outperform the competition.







Do you want to find out how a done-for-you marketing plan could help your practice double your revenue?

Marketing is the best investment you can make to create a thriving practice especially in an era that is digital. Book a FREE MARKETING STRATEGY Meeting with Ekwa’s Director of Digital Marketing, Ryan Davies, to discuss your marketing requirements.

Please note that they filter the leads to connect with due to the large number of meetings that get booked. So kindly ensure, upon booking the meeting, you attend it. Once your meeting is confirmed, their marketing team will spend 4 hours researching you and your competition online before this meeting to identify further opportunities on how Digital Marketing will help you grow your practice.