What is the Business of Aesthetics?

The business of Aesthetics (BusinessOfAesthetics.org) is a modern platform which uses today’s latest technologies to bring outstanding leaders in Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, and Aesthetics together to not just achieve more, but experience fulfilment in their practice.

The Business of Aesthetics platform brings thousands of experienced, new and aspiring doctors, practice owners, and professionals in the aesthetics field the opportunity to learn from the insights, shared experiences, and wisdom of other leaders while  also continuing to innovate and bring advancements to the field of Aesthetic Medicine.

Business of Aesthetics is built based on the philosophy that challenging true leaders beyond their current level of performance will enable them to make a deeper impact in not just their patients’ lives, but also to contribute to overall growth of the  industry.

The business of Aesthetics invites you to join this inspiring network and experience the mutual growth and fulfilment it can bring.

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Meeting with Jeffrey Richmond

Meeting with Jeffrey Richmond & Naren Arulrajah