Episode 16

Who Can You Trust? Putting The Ethics Back In Aesthetics

by Business of Aesthetics | November 19, 2020

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In this week’s episode, Jeff, Naren and David Carraway discuss ethics and how ethics affect the world of aesthetics. David provides some insightful advice on good ethics and on how to build relationships with doctors.

Key Highlights

  • Background on David Carraway
  • Importance of ethics in the industry
    1. Lies within Aesthetics
    2. Malicious intent
    3. Ask your friends about a business or product
    4. Find a partner to work with long-term
  • The mindset of “new” reps
  • Latest trends in the business
    1. Hiring new reps
    2. Manufactures “diagnosing” the patient
  • Common mistakes: Investing in equipment
    1. Don’t run with a demo
    2. Do studies on the device
    3. Ask your peers
      • Is it safe?
      • Is it easy for staff to operate?
      • How is the patient experience?
      • Is it profitable?
  • Implementation of new technology
    1. Go through studies and test the device
    2. Make sure it works consistently
  • How do you gain and keep trust?
    1. Always tell the truth

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