Episode 138

Unlocking Aesthetic Success Through Community Engagement

by Business of Aesthetics | June 22, 2023

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Welcome to The Business of Aesthetics Podcast, where host Jeffy Richmond interviews Dr. Lauren Umstattd, a renowned plastic surgeon from Leawood, Kansas. Dr. Umstattd’s journey began during her residency in Otolaryngology, where her passion for plastic surgery took hold. With a focus on head and neck anatomy, she dedicated herself to mastering the art of aesthetics.

In this episode, Dr. Umstattd shares her insights on market differentiation, nurturing patient relationships, and employing effective branding strategies for exponential growth in the aesthetic industry. She emphasizes the concept of reciprocity, highlighting the importance of investing time and attention in patients. She gains patient reviews, captures impressive before-and-after photographs, and builds a vibrant word-of-mouth referral network by fostering strong relationships. Dr. Umstattd also offers expert advice on building a robust brand presence within the local community, aiming to cultivate long-lasting connections. Her vision for the future growth of her practice is inspiring and provides valuable takeaways for listeners.

Join us for an engaging and informative discussion as Dr. Lauren Umstattd unveils her unique perspective on building a thriving aesthetic practice. Get ready to gain valuable insights to propel your journey in this dynamic industry.

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Key Highlights

  • 14.22 – Promoting a healthy work-life balance and providing ample support
  • 17.12 – successful implementation of securing a bank loan
  • 21.59 – Streamline holistic healthcare for patient-centered simplicity and completeness.
  • 30.02 – Establishing a strong foundation that prompts patients to willingly provide glowing reviews

Background of Dr. Lauren Umstattd

Dr. Lauren Umstattd is a highly regarded and board-certified plastic surgeon based in Leawood, Kansas. Her professional journey commenced during her residency in Otolaryngology, a specialized field focused on diagnosing and treating disorders related to the ears, nose, and throat. It was during this pivotal period that Dr. Umstattd discovered her profound passion for plastic surgery and the profound impact it can have on improving patients’ lives.

Driven by her keen interest in aesthetics, particularly in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Umstattd dedicated herself to mastering the intricate anatomy of the head and neck. Her unwavering commitment to understanding the nuanced complexities of facial features and her exceptional surgical skills have established her as an esteemed expert in the field.

As a respected plastic surgeon, Dr. Lauren Umstattd has garnered recognition for her exemplary work in facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, facelifts, and other cosmetic procedures. However, her dedication to her patients extends far beyond surgical excellence. Dr. Umstattd also advocates for women, empowering them to make informed decisions about their appearance and overall well-being.

Connect with Dr. Lauren Umstattd

Website: www.faceleawood.com/drlaurenumstattd                     

Instagram: lauren_umstattd_md

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/lauren-umstattd-md/

Jeffrey Richmond

Host Jeffrey Richmond Jeffrey Richmond is an award-winning expert in the aesthetic industry, specializing in cutting-edge research, light-based and laser dermatological therapies, and radiofrequency technologies for dermatology and cosmetic surgery practices. Over the past 19 years, Jeff has brought the best-in-class technologies from West Coast Laser to physicians throughout the northwestern United States, generating over $50 million in sales.

Patient and physician safety is at the forefront of Jeff’s work, and he actively helps physicians work with patients to develop and achieve realistic expectations from their treatments.

Jeff is also a known educator in the industry, teaching courses on laser technologies, speaking at aesthetic training centers, and sharing his knowledge about the latest technologies with providers in the aesthetics field. In particular, he is interested in helping physicians make aesthetic medicine a success in their practices.


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