Episode 39

Treating every patient without having to turn them away

by Business of Aesthetics | June 10, 2021

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Often, it can be a challenge to give the best patient experience with the best clinical outcomes. This is because patients often have different demands that can run opposite to what you may offer as a solution – so how do we solve this issue? To discuss this and more, we have invited aesthetic industry veteran and dermatologist Dr. Sarah Haydel on our podcast to work through this question. As our host Jeff Richmond interviews Dr. Sarah Haydel, she shares valuable information about solving this issue while discussing how a new set of tools has allowed her to do 139 treatments in less than 6 months.

Key highlights

  • Background of Dr. Sarah Haydel

Born in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Haydel moved to Houma, Louisiana, at a young age. Dr. Sarah Haydel then attended LSU before entering Medical School in New Orleans. Once finished, she then did four years of residency Dermatology training at Charity Hospital. Dr. Sarah Haydel is a Board Certified Dermatologist and is the owner of Haydel Dermatology.

  • Equipment renting vs. owning 
  • The other side of the under-eye fillers
  • The Non-Surgical eye bag solution AGNES RF
  • The three tenets: Efficacy, Reliability, Safety
  • Approach to treating the face 
  • The more natural way of aging
  • The strategy of putting fillers in the upper orbital cheekbone is a solution?
  • The right way to use Kybella 
  • Difference between other RF micro-needling devices in the market & SCARLET SRF
  • Approach to what patients need and your opinion on patients’ needs


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