Episode 34

Treating Around the Eyes 101: Lessons from an Oculoplastic Surgeon

by Business of Aesthetics | May 6, 2021

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In this week’s episode, Jeff interviews Dr. Troy J. Woodman, who is well trained in plastic surgery and ophthalmology. He is also engaged in teaching local and national courses on facial and oculofacial surgery. He’ll be sharing some of his best tips as an Oculoplastic Surgeon, which will be very valuable to you as an aesthetic practitioner.

Key highlights

 Background of Dr. Troy Woodman

  • Obtained his General Surgery Internship at the University of Washington
  • Attended a fellowship for oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery at UCLA.

     Fundamentals of building a career and your reputation as a surgeon the right way!

  • It takes time to develop a good reputation, but it’s really easy to get a bad reputation!
  • Try to do great work even on the little stuff first, and don’t bite off more than you can chew!

Importance of growing your competency!

  • You have to continue your education; keep reading, and stay in touch with journals.
  • Slowly but surely, as you start getting more comfortable with what you’re doing, you can add bits and pieces to your armamentarium.

Don’t be afraid to critique yourself!

  • It takes a lot of practice to get better!
  • Always be willing to be hard on yourself and critique yourself often.
  • Always follow up with patients and see the cause-and-effect on them.

Check your ego out at the door!

  • Be cautious enough to really understand the anatomy of what you’re doing, the drugs you’re using, the tools & equipment you’re using, etc. You cannot just “wing” it!
  • Be aware of overconfidence as it can quickly get you to let your guard down, and end up in trouble!
  • Do lots of reps on things until you master them!
  • Don’t busy yourself trying to learn too many different techniques at a time.

Effective Surgery Planning!

  • Effective Surgery Planning is an important skill every surgeon has to master. How you interact and engage with the patient can significantly impact the outcome, even if you might exactly know what the patient would need as you walk into the door!

Achieving Mastery as a Surgeon!

  • Mastery comes from two things; 
    • Be very critical of your work.
    • Be willing to listen to other people that have become good at their art, even if they aren’t in your specialty!
  • Learning from others from different groups will expose you to different perspectives that can help you grow exponentially!

Take the time to work with your patients!

  • Be an active listener!
  • Let patients have an opportunity to share what they’re here for!
  • Be visual in your approach.
  • Be generous in your details and truly dial in, and help your patients understand what the outcome would like!

Closing Thoughts

As a practice owner, have a multidisciplinary approach at your practice!

  • Take the time to understand what you genuinely enjoy doing at your practice and invest yourself into it.
  • Ensure everybody in your practice can do what patients need to be done for them at your practice!

Don’t be afraid to learn from others!

  • Before deciding to take on something new, consider learning from those who’ve done it successfully in the past!
  • Shadowing or observing an expert at work and seeing how they perform procedures is a fantastic way to learn from them hands-on.


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