Episode 32

Tips to start and grow your Plastic Surgery Practice

by Business of Aesthetics | April 22, 2021

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Successfully starting and growing a world-class practice today can be challenging for many young and aspiring doctors in the aesthetic industry. In this week’s episode, Dr. Paymen Danielpour shares insightful tips that will get you moving in the right direction to growing your Plastic Surgery Practice!

Key highlights

Background on Dr. Payman Danielpour

  • He worked with the Largest Private Plastic Surgery Group in the Country, Long Island Plastic Surgery Group, where he trained in Plastic Surgery.

Started a Private Practice in 2009 at Beverly Hills

  • Be available as much as possible
  • Be kind and helpful

Building Relationships with Other Physicians!

  • Make sure your communication with other doctors is solid.
  • Adopt a team environment in your practice! 
  • Develop a relationship with your fellow doctor where you can throw ideas at each other & support one another can be beneficial!

Consider adding in a second doctor at your practice!

  • You can now take on much bigger cases in less time than you would be able to by being solo.
  • It helps in making patient assessments much easier!

Their Key Practice Differentiator:

  • Take the time to invest in our patients and do everything you can as doctors to make sure they feel better.

Staying committed to the long game right from the beginning!

  1. Always remember; We are doctors! You’re there to take care of people!
  2. Understand that this type of business is something you’re going to be in for the long game.
  3. Have a Long Term Goal! 
  4. Remember to treat your practice in the right way.

Use Technology to Your Benefit!

  • Go a step further in doing additional treatments & procedures to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help patients feel different, feel better, stronger, and more confident!

Three ways to evaluate technology in today’s day and age!

  1. Talk to Plastic Surgeons who you trust and are already using that technology!
  2. Talk to a consultant in the aesthetic space who knows the different types of companies that exist, the different types of available technology, what’s working, what’s not.
  3. Once you know what technology you want to invest in, validate it yourself in the office before rolling it out to other patients!

Adhering to Health & Safety Protocols!

  • Rooms should be cleaned after each patient.
  • Everyone must wear masks.
  • Everyone gets tested before being seen.

Non-invasive Procedures vs Not!

  • As much as possible, give patients all available options and allow them to choose.

Closing Thoughts

Build Your Practice from the ground up!

  • Don’t Bite off More Than You Can Chew!
  • Be Humble, be kind, be friends with all, and respect all subspecialties.
  • Be Present, Be Available
  • Think of it like building a house; you’ve got to make sure you create a strong foundation as your base, so it holds up nicely & lasts a long time!


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