Episode 1

The Phone Consultation

by Business of Aesthetics | July 9, 2020

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In this week’s episode Jeff Richmond shares his insight on the topic, The Phone Consultation and how following a high standard for answering calls at your practice could improve the performance of your practice and continue to grow the number of consultations scheduled through calls.

Key Points

  • Who is an Aesthetic Patient?
  • They are not someone who needs a procedure, they are someone who wants a procedure 
  • Need vs Want
  • An Aesthetic patient is worth more than $ 8K- $ 10K or even more 
  • The First Impressions Officer – The First Phone call is very important in converting the patient
  • Patients that call us should feel comfortable, safe & trust our practice, once that is built they more than 50% of patients would do another procedure in 3-6months.  
  • A large percentage of patients will always refer us their friends & relatives towards us 
  • Every phone call is a $10K opportunity. 
  • Every patients that calls the practice is looking for something, they want something, they want to feel special, they want a solution, understanding this is the key
  • When you answer the phone with a smile, your attitude changes and your patient could hear that in your voice. 
  • It’s not what you say but how you say it is what matters. 
  • When they picked up the phone and called us, when they filled up the form from the website, they are already interested in getting a procedure done, it’s ours to lose at that point. 
  • Tracking the phone calls – Why & How to use it? 
  • We need to see where we are getting the best bang for our dollars. Invest in the best place that produces results. 
  • Find if the patient was referred by another physician or a patient and always thank that Physician or Patient. 
  • The idea of listening & learning
  • We always listen to respond, instead listen to understand. 
  • Always understand your patient and their requirement clearly
  • Ask a few quick questions to get a clear understanding about the patient
  • How do you build relationships & trust with patients
  • The role of the receptionist as the ambassador of your practice. 
  • Common questions that has a negative impact on patients scheduling a procedure
  • How to train your staff to answer these key questions
  • Importance of educating your staff about the procedures
  • How to deal with price shoppers
  • What to say and what not to say to your patient over the phone
  • How to schedule the consultation
  • How to schedule 70% of the calls
  • How to deal with the remaining 30% of calls 
  • How to conclude the call 
  • Conclusion


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