Episode 184

The Art of The Exit: Navigating the Med Spa Sale

by Business of Aesthetics | May 9, 2024

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In this week’s episode of the Business of Aesthetics podcast series, we explore the journey of Dr. Lisa Jenks, a seasoned professional in the aesthetics industry. As the former owner and medical director of Genesis Med Spa, Dr. Jenks shares her experiences in successfully going through the sale of her thriving practice.

Listeners will be captivated as Dr. Jenks recounts her remarkable journey, from founding Genesis Med Spa in 2007 to ultimately selling it to a private equity firm in New York City.

Discover the secrets to increasing the value of your med spa, assembling the right team of advisors, and overcoming challenges during the sales process. Dr. Jenks doesn’t hold back as she shares her victories and struggles.

Whether you’re contemplating the sale of your practice or simply looking to deepen your understanding of the medspa landscape, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now and boost your practice to new heights.

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Key Highlights

  • 00:02:19 -Delves into the early experiences of starting as an emergency room doctor.
  • 00:07:11 – Discusses the process of valuing the business.
  • 00:09:35 – Highlights the importance of hiring and retaining a good bookkeeper and accountant.
  • 00:17:56 – Explores the sale of the practice.

Links: Dr. Lisa Jenks

Website: www.genesis-medspa.com

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/lisa-jenks-md-6146984


Host Ryan Davies Ryan Davies is a seasoned digital marketing advisor at ekwa.com, renowned for his sales and marketing psychology expertise. With a wealth of experience collaborating with companies and political campaigns, Ryan profoundly understands the intricacies of consumer behavior and how it influences purchasing decisions. As a certified Sandler Sales and Challenger Expert, he brings a unique perspective, employing innovative sales techniques that drive tangible results.

Recognized as a dynamic speaker and presenter, Ryan has graced numerous trade shows and events across North America, captivating audiences with his insightful talks on sales and marketing strategies.

His ability to communicate complex concepts relatable and engagingly has earned him a reputation as a sought-after industry expert. Attendees at his presentations gain practical insights and actionable takeaways that can be applied directly to their business endeavors.


Dr.Lisa Jenks

Since its inception in 2007, Genesis MedSpa, founded by Dr. Jenks, has flourished into a prominent establishment featuring ten treatment rooms, earning acclaim through numerous “Best Of” awards within Colorado Springs. Notably, the spa has been honored thrice with the BBB’s prestigious “Excellence in Customer Service” award, a testament to Dr. Jenks’ keen business acumen and leadership in the aesthetic industry. Dr. Jenks distinguishes herself by prioritizing patient education on the array of safe and effective skin treatments and products available at Genesis, fostering a culture of informed choices and optimal skincare outcomes.

Committed to community engagement, Genesis actively sponsors nonprofit auctions, while Dr. Jenks devotes substantial time to volunteering with various charitable organizations. Furthermore, her dedication extends to serving on the Advisory Board of Skin, Inc., and she has been a consistent speaker and mentor at SEAK’s annual “Non-traditional careers for physicians” conference, barring interruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic since 2018.


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