Episode 22

Technologies that would take your practice to the next level through the lenses of an industry veteran.

by Business of Aesthetics | January 27, 2021

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Our industry witnesses the birth of new technology at short intervals leading us to question its validity and effectiveness. Listen to this week’s podcast episode to learn some eye-opening facts you must know before adopting new technology to your practice from a pioneer in the field, the mastermind who coined the term “medispas”, Dr. Bruce Katz.

Key Highlights

  • Background on Dr. Bruce Katz
  • How he first started his medispa
    1. Benefits of having a research unit
    2. Media recognition
  • Importance of taking risks
    1. Looking at technologies judiciously
    2. Conducting necessary studies
  • Recognizing the core competencies of devices 
    1. Combination treatment
    2. Using single technology vs. using multiple technologies
  • Strategies to follow when providing combination treatments to patients
  • How to get on board with brand new devices?
  • Devices that have revolutionized the field
    1. SmartLipo by Cynosure
      • How it became a major success
      • Replacement for the traditional Liposuction
      • Skin tightening after fat removal
    2. Emsculpt by BTL
      • Hands Free device
      • Why is it a timely device?
      • Why patients love it?
    3. Fractional CO2
      • Use of metal shields
      • A new way to treat the eyelids
      • Success of the studies conducted on the device
    4. InMode
      • Evolution of the device
      • Effectiveness
      • Technology it uses
    5. PRFM – Selphyl’
      • Science behind it
      • Effectiveness
      • Multi-functionality of the device
    6. Nano-pulse technology by Pulse Biosciences
      • New energy source
      • Zero collateral damage
      • Multiple applications for treating cellular tissues
  • Pronox
    1. Minimal discomfort
    2. Patients’ response to the device
    3. Level of safety it reassures
  • Message to those who plan to start medispas
    1. Importance of being service oriented
    2. How to allow patients to make an informed decision?
    3. Importance of learning the science behind the devices

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