Episode 38

Soft Management or Hard Management: Which one are you?

by Business of Aesthetics | June 3, 2021

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Leading a well-aligned team that shares your passion for providing the best possible care to patients and your vision of practice success is not always easy to achieve. Being able to retain top talent often begins at the very top. Your “dream” team will often have two different key types of leaders: a leader with soft management skills and another with hard management skills. Balancing leadership in your practice in the right way is key to developing a high-performance team!

In this week’s episode, Naren invites Grace Atkinson, a practice management expert, to share her insights into building successful teams that work cohesively together.

Key highlights

  • Background of Grace Atkinson

    Graduated from the University of Georgia, Grace Atkinson is a Marketer by profession & she has been in the Aesthetic Practice Management space for over a decade. She has been the Practice Manager & Marketing Director for LaserMed Skin & Vein Clinic & is currently the Spa Manager at SafiraMD Medical Aesthetics. Click here for more information about Grace Atkinson.
  • Two Types of Leaders Found In Successful Practices
  • What is Soft Management & Hard Management?
  • Importance of positive feedback & appreciation
  • “Employees First” Priority and how it helps team members to become patient-centric
  • The Hiring Process
  • How would you react best in these scenarios?
    • Orientation for a new team member
    • Praising someone 
    • Performance review
    • Dealing with drama
    • Correcting someone
  • Coaching


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