Episode 28

Reassuring comfort to your patients through effective pain management

by Business of Aesthetics | March 17, 2021

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Anxiety and fear play an important role in preventing patients from seeking aesthetic medical procedures. Pain management procedures that you use in your practice have a direct impact on managing patients’ expectations. Your patients are not just looking forward to the results but also enjoying a comfortable treatment. Listen to this episode and learn the pain management methods used by Dr. Jason Pozner that reassure comfort to the patients.

Key highlights

  • Background on Dr. Jason Pozner
  • The importance of pain management in the aesthetic industry
    1. How the nature of business has changed over time
    2. Impact of minimally invasive treatments on revenue
  • Why did some technology with high clinical efficacy fail?
    1. Effect pain had on Liposonic and Ulthera
    2. How does fear for pain surpass the need for treatments?
  • Importance of understanding different pain thresholds patients have
    1. Why the effect of pain should not be generalized? 
    2. How does pain keep patients from seeking treatments?
    3. What does ignoring the discomfort patients feel; do to the aesthetic field?
  • Combination treatments
    1. When to combine Pronox with other anesthesia?
    2. What are other drugs that can be used along with Pronox?
  • What are the types of treatments that require Pronox?
    1. Charged involved when using Pronox?
    2. Importance of keeping the patients relaxed during treatments
  • Devices that can be used with Pronox
    1. SofWave
    2. BodyTite
    3. Renuvion
    4. Sciton skin resurfacing 
    5. Microneedling
    6. MyEllevate
  • How do effective pain management procedures help to grow non-surgical procedures?

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