Episode 31

PDO Threads: The Procedure that’s Trending in the Aesthetic World

by Business of Aesthetics | April 9, 2021

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Even though aging is a natural biological phenomenon, every one of us loves and wishes to stay young forever, or at least to look young. In this week’s episode, Dr. Kian Karimi shares the tools you need to help your patients fight a good fight against the aging face.

Key highlights

  • Background on Dr. Kian Karimi
  • What are PDO Threads?
    1. Threads that boost skin collagen 
    2. Threads that lift the tissues
  • How can aesthetic professionals get into the business of threads?
    1. Proper awareness of threads that should be used and that should not be used
  • How can aesthetic professionals get training on PDO threads?
    1. Why having adequate training is mandatory?
    2. How does NovaThreads offer training?
  • Individual classes offered by Dr. Kian Karimi, and Francine Young
    1. Do plastic surgeons and aesthetic physicians require training to provide PDO threads?
    2. Benefits to investing in threads training
  • Importance of threads in the field of aesthetics today
    1. Publics’ interest in threads
    2. Differentiating yourself from your peers
  • The training process for PDO Threads
    1. How long does it take to get trained?
    2. How many patients should you treat?
    3. Where should an aesthetic practitioner start using it?
  • Fillers vs. Threads
    1. What are the similarities between the two?
    2. Why are threads safer?
  • Tips to guarantee your patients a pleasant experience
    1. Using proper numbing techniques
    2. Importance of figuring our pain-relief methods
    3. Why is 50-50 nitrous safe?
  • Do threads make sense from a business perspective?
    1. Why are threads profitable?
    2. How to charge for PDO threads?
    3. How does it benefit the patient’s pocket?


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