Episode 18

Moving past the pandemic: How we handled our first COVID 19 case

by Business of Aesthetics | December 10, 2020

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In this week’s episode, Dr. Lawrence Green shares how he is managing his business during the COVID -19 pandemic. He also talks about his experience in successfully handling the situation with a confirmed COVID -19 patient in his office.

Key Highlights

  • Background on Lawrence Green
  • The impact of COVID-19 on Aestheticians
    1. The situation during the first phase
    2. Government’s response to the predicament
    3. How did patients respond?
  • Precautions taken to mitigate COVID-19 risk
    1. Number of patients treated
    2. New policies
    3. Importance of adhering to CDC guidelines
  • Measurements taken when the staff was infected with COVID-19
    1. Notifying the patients
    2. Making sure the rest of the staff are safe
    3. Altering office policies
  • Silver linings of the pandemic
    1. Importance of following guidelines
  • Changes that happened for the betterment
    1. Virtual interactions
    2. Extra cleanliness
    3. Being cautious
  • Importance of relationships

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dr.lawrencegreen
Website: www.aestheticdermatologymd.com
Cell phone: +1 301-610-0663
Email: drgreen@aederm.com


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