Episode 19

Lessons from an Aesthetic Industry Veteran

by Business of Aesthetics | December 16, 2020

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In this week’s episode, Marcel Besse, Executive Director of Pro-Nox Aesthetics and President of Sterling Medical Group, shares some insightful lessons that will aid you in fine-tuning your practice. He introduces Pro-Nox: a device that has turned the world of business of Aesthetics upside down. He also explains how this device will revolutionize your practice and the pros it has for your patients.

Key Highlights

  • Background on Marcel Besse
  • How RF came to the industry?
    1. Mysteries of RF devices
  • The biggest innovations industry has seen
    1. CO2 Ablative Laser
    2. Fraxel
    3. IPL Laser
    4. RF Microneedling
    5. Combination of High Femme with RF
    6. Smart Light Bulb
    7. Thermage and Ultherapy
  • Pro-Nox device ( the laughing gas device)
    1. How will it revolutionize the field
    2. Impact it can have on a practice
      • Pain reduction
      • Patients’ point of view
      • Why is it value for money?
    3. The success story of Pro-Nox
  • What has changed due to the pandemic?
  • Message to the practice owners
    • Make patients feel safe
    • Show gratitude to your patients and your staff
    • Be compassionate

Website: www.sterlingmedgroup.com
Cell phone: 508-561-7718
Email: MarcelBesseInc@gmail.com


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