Episode 33

Integrative Wellness for the Aesthetic Provider

by Business of Aesthetics | April 29, 2021

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Taking care of patients is more than treating or prescribing medications to them! Helping them obtain an ideal state of health and wellness plays a significant role in providing optimal patient care.

In this week’s episode, Jeff interviews Dr. Erik Suh who shares his experience in successfully integrating anti-aging & wellness components into his practice; providing a very unique range of services to patients who are interested in becoming the best possible version of themselves!

Key highlights

Background of Dr. Erik Suh

  • He completed his residency at John Peter Smith Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program and became a board-certified family physician.

     Why he left his previous practice

  • The practice environment was very conservative with an old-school thought process.
  • It was a very archaic, outdated type of practice that simply wanted to do family medicine; live and die with insurance alone.

 Allopathic Medicine vs Naturopathic Medicine!

  • We have to deliver what patients need.
  • Many patients want natural remedies, but as an allopathic physician, we cannot even counsel patients on anything apart from medicine.

 Started a Private Practice in 2005 at Bellevue, WA

  • Got trained in Botox & Restylane
  • Was able to offer Family Medicine and Fillers
  • Referrals started to grow through female patients
  • Added a naturopathic physician to the practice. 

Importance of Functional Medicine and how it played a key role in integrating the anti-aging & wellness components into the practice:

  • Treating patients on getting them to “feel” better
  • Helping patients restore their functionality and get them to perform at their highest capacity.
  • Importance of ensuring nutritional, physical, and mental wellbeing of patients

Closing Thoughts

Importance of practicing integrative medicine!

  • We get a lot of cross-referrals from patients, who get to know about the different components of our practice
  • Patients are always going to want to look, feel and become better. They always want to be the best version of themselves.
  • It’s a great way to create multiple revenue streams that build upon one another.
  • Allows your practice to stand out amongst other derm, medspas, family physician practices

Leveraging Positive Patient Experiences

  • Highlight positive patient experiences via marketing
  • Testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals
  • Website & Social Media Marketing
  • Reviews & Social Proof

How patients perceive internal vs external wellbeing

  • Current mindset in how patients tend to undervalue their internal health and wellness, and why we need to shift their mindset!
  • A Healthy Mind and Body leads to stronger immune systems
  • Short term gain vs long term gain, and the role we play as doctors in helping patients make the right decision


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