Episode 4

Implementation of New Technology

by Business of Aesthetics | August 6, 2020

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In this episode, Jeff & Naren discuss successfully proven strategies to follow when implementing new technology for an aesthetic practice

Listen to this episode and learn these techniques to implement in your practice as well!

Key Discussion Points:

  • Recap of the past episode
  • How to align your Resources?
  • How to lay the foundation- training protocols, telephone, FAQ, role play, repeat?
  • How to develop Brand Ambassadors and MVP’s?
  • How to launch marketing & promotions?
  • External- SEO, Press release, social media plan, digital marketing plan
  • How to Assess your Partnerships?

Key Highlights

  • How to align the resources & your team? 
  • Importance of appointing champions ex: Phone consultations Champion & Clinical leads Champion
  • Importance of delegating responsibilities
  • MVP – Most Valuable Patients – How to leverage them?
  • Ambassadors – Social Sharers – How to leverage these patients?
  • Success stories
  • How to offer discounts?
  • How to create and build long term loyalty?
  • How to Invest in SEO?
  • About Innovative marketing strategies & ads to promote treatments
  • Internal Marketing
  • External Marketing


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