Episode 36

Identifying the Trends and Pain Points of Patients

by Business of Aesthetics | May 20, 2021

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It’s a challenge to give the best results to your patients & make them happy because each of the patients is unique, cases can be very new to you, and as a result, the outcome may vary. Despite all of these factors, how can we keep the patient happy and make sure the results are healthy? Listen to Dr. Anna Bar in this week’s episode as she shares her approach to listening to patients and identifying their actual pain points to give better results.

Key highlights

Background of Dr. Anna A. Bar

  • Dr. Anna A. Bar went to Medical School in NYU and graduated in 2001. She did her Dermatology Residency at Oregon Health and Science University and finished it in 2005. Later went for a one-year fellowship in Mohs Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology at the California Skin Institute with Dr. Greg Morgenroth then came back to Oregon Health Science University and joined the faculty. 
  • Cosmetics and Medical treatments.
  • Cosmetics days!
  • The way doctors dress can influence patients!
  • People’s trend during pandemic.
  • Post pandemic practice.
  • Post pandemic trends.
  • Cosmetic procedures at residency.
  • Best way to learn is, doing it under supervision
  • Treating someone looks like silver in color!
  • Two types of patients and approach to each of them.
  • How to balance between busy times and attention to patients.
  • Being flexible with the schedules and switching gears.
  • The philosophy of Dr. Anna A. Bar
  • A message for the ones who are starting their journey!


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