Episode 14

I Think A Change of Perspective Would Do You Good! Aesthetics from A New Angle

by Business of Aesthetics | November 5, 2020

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In this week’s episode, Jeff and Dr. Judah Garfinkle discuss looking at a patient’s aesthetic treatment from an orthodontic perspective and vice versa. Oftentimes, a patient is viewed only from the doctor’s area of speciality, but today we learn that looking at a patient’s issue from another point of view can put the patient on the best path of treatment.

Key Highlights

  • Background on Dr. Judah Garfinkle
  • Balancing two “jobs”: Hospital and Practice
  • Clear Aligners: The largest clear aligner practice in the state
  • Smile Oregon: Ensuring every family and child get the care they need
  • Shared definition of success: Coming up with a plan that everyone agrees on
  • Educating, not selling: Educate with solutions
  • The approach: How to know what the patient really needs
  • How do you know: When to treat and when to refer out
  • From an aesthetic point of view
  • Having a conversation with other providers
  • Learning limitations and patient expectations
  • What should we be looking at in other areas?
  • How does an aesthetic provider find out who to work with?

Website: www.garfinkleortho.com
Email: judah@garfinkleortho.com
Smile Oregon: www.smileoregon.org


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