Episode 21

How to make the year 2021 your best year yet

by Business of Aesthetics | January 20, 2021

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The dawn of the year 2021 resurrected our plans, hopes, and dreams in every possible way. All of us have stepped into this year with much preparation having learned some life-changing lessons from one of the toughest years we have yet survived. This year is the perfect year to re-evaluate what we can do better in our practices to make it up to the temporary setback we faced in 2020. In this week’s podcast episode Naren and Jeff enlighten you with some interesting strategies to make this new year, the year 2021, the best year for your practice. Listen now to learn what you can incorporate into your practice.

Key Highlights

  • Background to the discussion
  • How can a practice grow its profit by at least 14% or more?
    1. Why 14%?
    2. Setting correct monthly goals
    3. The best practices for the price increase
      • How to handle the risk of losing patients
    4. Cutting waste
  • How to create a purpose for your team?
    1. Sharing positive patient experiences
    2. Making your team feel better about themselves
    3. Importance of giving value to your staff’s ideas
    4. Setting individual goals for your staff members
      • Morning crunch meetings
      • Weekly meetings


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