Episode 12

How to Keep Your Practice Thriving During COVID-19

by Business of Aesthetics | October 22, 2020

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In this week’s episode, Jeff Richmond and Dr. Carolyn Jacob discuss what it’s like practicing medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic and identify the drive that keeps them going daily. Listen in to hear what they have to say about telehealth, discover what drives Dr. Jacob, and learn what it takes to be involved in innovation.

Key Highlights

  • Background on Dr. Carolyn Jacob
  • Practicing during COVID
  • Telehealth: Convenient ways to consult and interact with patients
    • Prescription refills
    • Cosmetic focus within the practice
    • If there is no reason to be in the office, telehealth is the best way to go
  • The Drive: What keeps you going in this business
    • Loving what you do
    • Being there for people
    • Surrounding yourself with great colleagues
    • Leaving work at work while you are with family
    • Research: knowing people
  • Innovation: What you need to know to get started 
    • Having a mentor
    • Research and development 
  • Body Sculpting: How do you get started?
    • Do your research
    • Improving one’s appearance


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