Episode 42

How Dr. Dan Hatef Created A Thriving Plastic Surgery Practice

by Business of Aesthetics | July 1, 2021

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Starting a new venture & maintaining it or taking your current practice to the next level is always associated with risk, especially if you’re new and haven’t done this before. So how do I set up a financial backup plan? Is it a wise choice to get a loan? How do I go about building up a great team? What’s the best possible way to maximize revenue & settle off all the debts?

Without the proper guidance or consultation, you’ll be treading into unknown territory. Having someone to give you direction and guide you along the way will be invaluable when making such critical decisions in your practice. To answer these questions & guide you towards making smarter, well-informed decisions in your practice, we’ve invited Dr. Dan Hatef, a successful Plastic Surgery Practice owner, to provide you with insights on minimizing the risk in starting & maintaining your practice.

Key highlights

  • Background of Dr. Dan Hatef

Dr. Dan Hatef graduated in 2004 from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.

He has spent ten years of dedicated plastic surgery training, and three years at UT Southwestern in Dallas, as the anatomic research fellow. Then, he went and did the Craniofacial Fellowship at Baylor in Houston with sandstone Larry Olivier and entered into the Integrated Plastic Surgery Program at Baylor. As a graduate in chief, he did 24 Rhinoplasties, which shattered the record for a chief resident. Later he moved to Nashville and is the founder and the owner of Hatef Aesthetics. Click here to know more about Dr. Dan Hatef.

  • What pushed Dr. Hatef to plunge into practice ownership & how did he learn what to do after starting the practice?
  • How did Dr. Hatef plan the start of the practice?
  • Lessons learned from the mistakes in the journey of starting his practice & advice from them.
  • Contribution of the team for the success of Hatef Aesthetics.
  • Who is an all-star in your mind in a practice?
  • What’s the culture in your practice, and why is it important?
  • How do you find the people or the team for a successful practice?
  • How do you keep the team motivated & keep the culture going?
  • How do you incentivize people?
  • How did you face COVID-19 well, without facing the challenges others did?
  • How is it to run a spa alongside plastic surgery?
  • How non-invasive practices such as Botox & Injectables help grow revenue?
  • Final thoughts for young aestheticians, dermatologists, etc…


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