Episode 41

Growing Your Practice with Botox Parties

by Business of Aesthetics | June 24, 2021

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Marketing is an essential factor in getting new patients and building awareness about your practice. But, whether you’re a new practice owner or if you’ve owned a practice for decades, knowing where, how & what to invest in to drive new patient growth & practice awareness with a lot of effort is a question we all have. Naren invites Cassie Lane, a successful & creative entrepreneur, to answer these concerns as our guest on this week’s Business of Aesthetics show. She’s innovated a unique & cost-effective way to creatively spread awareness & drive revenue through new patient growth for her practice.

Key highlights

  • Background of Cassie Lane

Cassie Lane, a mom of young kids, after having been a full-time CRNA since 2012, decided to focus on her interests in aesthetics & learned how to inject botox. She started a side botox business for a couple of years. Her experiences here led her to research this particular area and find creative ways to help patients achieve the aesthetic look they appreciated.

She is a well-experienced professional, aesthetic business consultant, and founder of InjectablesEdu. Visit www.injectablesedu.com to know more about her.

  • What are Botox parties?
  • The strategy to find your clients
  • How a typical Botox party visit would be
  • Is it possible to do it in your own office?
  • Marketing strategy
  • How do you find the first client for a Botox party?
  • What are the best practices before a Botox party?
  • How long does it usually take for a host to organize a Botox party?
  • What equipment do you need for a Botox party?
  • What kind of impact would a practice have if they follow the Botox party concept?
  • How can Botox Parties be a cost-effective method for a practice?
  • How could you partner with other professionals and do the Botox party?
  • Which age category people do you mostly get for Botox parties?
  • Impact for the concept through online presence & the website & how you use online materials to improve your audience?


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