Episode 27

Equipment Finance 101

by Business of Aesthetics | March 11, 2021

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When you run your medical practice, your main goal is to grow it one step ahead of where it is today and to achieve this goal you need to know the correct strategies and how to apply them appropriately. Equipment financing is one such strategy that you have to use with sheer awareness. Listen to this week’s podcast episode where Tony Tydlacka, with more than twenty years of experience on the subject, educating you on the basics of equipment financing that you must know for the smooth run of your practice. 

Key highlights

  • Background on Tony Tydlacka
  • Financing equipment vs. paying in cash
    1. Proper management of the cash flow
    2. How the equipment you buy become an investment?
  • Why do doctors hesitate to get bank loans for equipment financing?
    1. Why are bank loans less convenient?
    2. Impact of bank loans on the credit reports
    3. Impact of revolving debt on the credit scores
  • What is an Equipment Finance Agreement?
    1. How is it similar to a dollar buyout lease?
    2. What sort of tax does it entail?
    3. The sort of role bank plays in that
  • Section 179 tax saving
    1. How to use it effectively?
  • Services provided by iLeaseWorks to their customers?
    1. Concept of convenience financing
    2. Ability to get approvals in a short period
    3. Contract reviewing

Website: www.ileaseworks.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tydlacka
Telephone: 612 747 7915


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