Episode 148

Do’s and Don’ts  of Aesthetic Business Ownerships

by Business of Aesthetics | August 31, 2023

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Discover the secrets to thriving in the aesthetic industry with an insightful episode of the Business of Aesthetics podcast. In this riveting conversation, Dr. Katherine Dee, a seasoned practitioner with nine years of experience, shares her invaluable insights into building a successful aesthetic practice. With candid anecdotes and expert advice, she delves into key strategies for making wise business decisions while maintaining medical integrity.

Listen as Dr. Dee unravels the complexities of team dynamics, offering an innovative approach to dividing roles and compensation between part-time and full-time employees. Gain invaluable tips on fostering a strong team culture, emphasizing the pivotal role of front desk staff in enhancing client experiences.

Discover Dr. Dee’s unique perspectives on incorporating medical expertise into business decisions and learn how embracing physician partners can elevate your practice’s success. Tune in to this episode to glean transformative wisdom from a true industry veteran and take your aesthetic approach to new heights.

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Key Highlights

  • 18:02 – Customizes training for different roles, ensuring skill alignment.
  • 27:57 – Acknowledges front desk importance, fair compensation, and retention strategies.
  • 30:56 – Reflects on mishaps for better onboarding and communication.
  • 35:17 – Blends ethics and business for an exceptional patient journey.

Background of Dr. Katherine Dee

Dr. Katherine Dee is a highly experienced and dedicated physician, boasting a rich history of impactful work in medical practice. Her proficiency spans Aesthetic Medicine, Laser technology, Injectables, Public Speaking, and Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). Having graduated from Yale University, she embodies a strong educational foundation. Dr. Dee’s career reflects her passion for patient-centric care and innovative entrepreneurship. Her extensive expertise in Aesthetic Medicine and Laser technology has contributed significantly to the field. Her expertise in medical skills and business strategies showcases her commitment to holistic healthcare solutions. With a firm belief in the power of collaboration between medical and business realms, Dr. Dee continues to make waves in reshaping the landscape of aesthetics and healthcare.

Connect with Dr. Katherine Dee

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/katherine-dee

Facebook: facebook.com/katherine.dee

Naren Arulrajah

Host Naren Arulrajah

Naren Arulrajah is the founder and CEO of Ekwa Marketing, which brings together global experts in digital marketing to an online presence of approximately 200 practices across the globe–from start-ups to growing businesses, including those going through mergers and acquisitions. He was honored by AceTech Ontario in 2014 with their Leadership Initiative Award.

Giving back to the medical community has been a vital component in Naren’s career, and he believes deeply in fostering a philanthropic environment.

Naren is also known for his services as a speaker, consultant, author, and inspirational innovator.


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