Episode 24

Differentiating your practice through the methods of pain management

by Business of Aesthetics | February 17, 2021

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It is high time to change the conventional norms that have been prevailing in the aesthetic industry. Pain should no longer be a fact that is holding back the patients from seeking aesthetic treatments. Listen to this week’s podcast where Dr. Martin Braun speaks about the importance of offering pain-free treatments to your patients using contemporary technologies. 

Key highlights

  • Background on Dr. Martin Braun
  • How does pain management work?
  • Why pain management is important to your practice? 
    1. How does it address the issue of anxiety?
    2. Inadequacy of commonly used analgesia
    3. How Dr. Braun uses analgesic in his office
      • Effectiveness of Acetaminophen Tylenol
      • When to use narcotics?
  • Effect pain management has on your clientele
    1. Why should you provide them tools for pain management?
  • Long procedures vs. tools of pain management
    1. How to terminate the fear of pain that keeps your patients from seeking treatments?
  • Use of pain management in dentistry vs aesthetics
    1. What presumptions need to be changed?
    2. Why is nitrous oxide a good substitute for narcotics?
    3. History of the use of nitrous oxide
  • Impact of pain management in converting your office to a happy place 
  • Why Pronox is a must-have in your practice?
    1. Safety of the device
    2. How does it benefit your clientele?
      • Increasing your client base by offering a positive experience to your patients
  • Other analgesics that can be used along with Pronox for lengthy and more painful procedures
    1. How do multiple agents for anesthesia work?

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