Episode 116

Creating a Patient Centric Boutique Practice – Using High Touch and Building Strong Relationships

by Business of Aesthetics | January 19, 2023

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Not everyone should engage in multi-surgeon practices. Working in a larger system occasionally goes against a person’s core values. Under these circumstances, the best course of action is to open your own aesthetic practice. In this week’s edition, Dr. Umbareen Mahmood joins us to talk about how she started her own boutique practice and what sets her apart from others in a competitive market like New York City. She also discusses developing relationships with patients and the significance of connecting with them on a personal level.

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Key Highlights

  • 01:32 – Quick Announcement about the upcoming Panel Discussion
  • 03:31 – Introduction to Dr. Umbareen Mahmood
  • 09:45 – What inspired Dr. Mahmood to open a boutique practice
  • 13:15 – Differentiator of Dr. Mahmood’s practice
  • 20:25 – Consultation Process
  • 24:10 – Virtual Consultation 
  • 31:44 – Tips that work with boutique practices 
  • 35:22 – Advice for aspiring plastic surgeons

Background of Dr. Umbareen Mahmood

The Upper East Side Plastic Surgeon underwent extensive training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of South Florida. She has also worked at several prestigious institutions, such as the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL, All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL, and was actively involved in the medical care of veterans at two large Veteran hospitals. Learn more about Dr. Umbareen Mahmood

Connect with Dr. Umbareen Mahmood

Website – www.drumahmood.com

Email – info@drumahmood.com

Instagram – dr.umbarm

Jeffrey Richmond

Host Jeffrey Richmond Jeffrey Richmond is an award-winning expert in the aesthetic industry, specializing in cutting-edge research, light-based and laser dermatological therapies, and radiofrequency technologies for dermatology and cosmetic surgery practices. Over the past 19 years, Jeff has brought the best-in-class technologies from West Coast Laser to physicians throughout the northwestern United States, generating over $50 million in sales.

Patient and physician safety is at the forefront of Jeff’s work, and he actively helps physicians work with patients to develop and achieve realistic expectations from their treatments.

Jeff is also a known educator in the industry, teaching courses on laser technologies, speaking at aesthetic training centers, and sharing his knowledge about the latest technologies with providers in the aesthetics field. In particular, he is interested in helping physicians make aesthetic medicine a success in their practices.


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