Episode 155

Busted:How to avoid med spa legal pitfalls -Part1

by Business of Aesthetics | October 19, 2023

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In a dynamic conversation between Sara Shikhman and Jeffrey Richmond, the podcast revolves around the multifaceted intricacies of managing a medical aesthetics practice. Sara Shikhman, a legal expert, and Jeffrey Richmond, a business professional, engage in a discussion that delves into critical aspects of this industry. The exchange highlights the nuances of training reimbursement agreements, the significance of informed consent forms, and various regulatory and labor-related challenges that practitioners in the medical aesthetics field encounter.

Throughout their dialogue, the speakers provide valuable insights into the legal and operational considerations essential for medical aesthetics’ success and ethical practice. They underline the importance of crafting training reimbursement agreements that balance being legally enforceable and reasonable, considering the potential financial burden on employees. Consent forms are examined, emphasizing their role in protecting both the patient and the practice, with an emphasis on thorough documentation.

The conversation offers a glimpse into the industry’s complexities and underscores the need for careful consideration and adherence to legal standards.

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Key Highlights

  • 11:01 – Prevents unnecessary escalation in patient disputes.
  • 14:07 – Requires regular updates on policies and handbooks.
  • 27: 29 – Highlights the legal enforceability of training reimbursement agreements.
  • 33:39 – Emphasis on the content and purpose of consent forms.


Sara Shikhman is a dynamic legal professional and the Managing Partner at Lengea Law, where she brings her exceptional expertise to the forefront. With a background in law, she’s a seasoned lawyer with a focus on the aesthetic industry, offering invaluable legal guidance to med spas. Sarah is renowned for her prevention-focused approach, helping clients avoid legal pitfalls through meticulous setup and ongoing compliance. She also excels in dispute resolution, emphasizing empathy and client-centric solutions. Her wealth of knowledge extends to employee handbooks, employment contracts, and non-compete agreements, making her a go-to authority for med spa legal matters. With a passion for her work and a client-first mentality, Sara Shikhman is a trusted advocate in the aesthetic field.

Connect with Sara Shikman

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/sara-shikhman/

Facebook: Sara Shikhman (@sarashikhman) • Instagram photos and videos

Website: Home – Lengea (lengealaw.com)

Lengea Law:  https://forms.gle/fTsYf5bqaAZttxvb7

Tel: 855915030

Jeffrey Richmond

Host Jeffrey Richmond Jeffrey Richmond is an award-winning expert in the aesthetic industry, specializing in cutting-edge research, light-based and laser dermatological therapies, and radiofrequency technologies for dermatology and cosmetic surgery practices. Over the past 19 years, Jeff has brought the best-in-class technologies from West Coast Laser to physicians throughout the northwestern United States, generating over $50 million in sales.

Patient and physician safety is at the forefront of Jeff’s work, and he actively helps physicians work with patients to develop and achieve realistic expectations from their treatments.

Jeff is also a known educator in the industry, teaching courses on laser technologies, speaking at aesthetic training centers, and sharing his knowledge about the latest technologies with providers in the aesthetics field. In particular, he is interested in helping physicians make aesthetic medicine a success in their practices.


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