Episode 29

An anecdote of a dermatologic surgeon’s journey to success

by Business of Aesthetics | March 24, 2021

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It always adds more value to your knowledge when you get to share it with other people. Dr. Suneel Chilukuri is an internationally recognized dermatologic surgeon who genuinely dedicates his time and effort to educate those who are in the field of aesthetics. Listen to the episode to learn his recipe for success.

Key highlights

  • Background on Dr. Suneel Chilukuri
  • Importance of learning about everything relevant to your business from scratch
    1. Understanding the number of referral sources you need
    2. How to brand yourself when you start afresh?
    3. How does going into the community help?
  • Achieving success through hard work
    1. Making use of opportunities
    2. Letting people understand that you want to be a part of the change
    3. Finding your motivation factor
  • Identifying the areas that generate revenue for your practice
    1. Importance of understanding what your clients are looking for
  • Figuring out what is cost-effective at the beginning 
  • Understanding what is the best technology in a particular space
    1. Who do you partner with?
    2. Why do you bring in their devices?
  • Prioritizing on giving the results your patients are looking for
    1. Learning how to optimally use a particular device with the best setting for the patient
  • Factors that should be considered when charging the customer?
    1. How long does a patient need to be in a room?
    2. Cost of the device that is being used
  • Interesting innovations that happened in the field in the recent years
    1. Agnes by Aesthetic Management Partners
    2. Scarlet RF Microneedling by Aesthetic Management Partners
    3. RF Microneedling by InMode

Website: www.refreshdermatology.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/refreshderm
Email: chilukuri@refreshdermatology.com


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