Episode 13

10 Steps to a Positive New Patient Experience

by Business of Aesthetics | October 29, 2020

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In this week’s episode, Jeff and Naren discuss 10 steps to a positive new patient experience and explain how doctors and practice owners can use these steps in their practices to influence their patients and staff.

Key Highlights

  • Backstory: What inspired the 10 steps that create the new patient experience?
  • Focus points of the 10 steps
    1. Create and deliver a compelling new experience
    2. Listen
    3. Make patients feel appreciated
    4. Ability to read patients
    5. Magnetic personality
    6. Probe politely
    7. Be knowledgeable: But not a “know-it-all”
    8. Positive language
    9. What can you give patients that will keep them from going elsewhere?
    10. How do you follow up with the patients?
  • Connecting during COVID: The challenge of building direct relationships and the importance of engaging with the patients. 
  • First Focus Point: Creating and delivering a compelling experience. This is the point at which the patients leave the office and feel they had a positive experience.
  • Second Focus Point: Listen. You should be able to listen and then verbalize back to the patient what you heard.
  • Third Focus Point: Make patients feel appreciated.
  • Fourth Focus Point: Foster the ability to read patients.
  • Fifth Focus Point: Magnetic personality – Being able to get the patient talking and elaborating on any skin issues, needs or wants.
  • Sixth Focus Point: Probe politely – Let the patient know you want to understand. Give a gentle nudge and let the patient know you want to understand his or her concerns.
  • Seventh Focus Point: Be knowledgeable, but not a “know-it-all”. Allow other team members to be experts.
  • Eighth Focus Point: Positive language is important in persuasion. When you identify in a positive way, it allows you to be empathetic.
  • Ninth Focus Point: Commitment from the patient – What can you give patients to keep them from going elsewhere?
  • Tenth Focus Point: Follow up; what happens after the appointment?


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