8 Different types of Patients you'll encounter as an Aesthetic Practice Owner

The New Patient

Creating a favorable first impression is crucial for Aesthetic practice owners.

The Undecided Patient

These patients want something done but do not know what it is. Develop a plan and provide  clear guidance on the required actions.

The Upset Patient

It is essential to understand why they are upset and work with them to fix the problem.  Satisfied patients tend to leave positive reviews.

The Negotiator Patient

Merely offering a 10% discount is not sufficient to entice patients. Emphasize the worth of the treatment and propose a mutually beneficial package deal.

The Shopper Patient

Budget-conscious patients actively seek out the best deals. It is crucial to set practical expectations that align with their financial limitations.

The VIP Patient

Acknowledging VIP patients is essential to show appreciation and foster a strong connection.

The Red-Flag Patient

They can cause more harm than good to the practice. Always trust your gut, and don’t hesitate to refuse services

The Indecisive Patient

Hesitant patients may require persistence and patience from the healthcare practice to proceed with the recommended treatment plan.

Every patient is different and has specific needs, desires, and expectations.  It is crucial to give them the best care possible.

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